How to: Dashwood Studio’s Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar

And as the Christmas TV ads start playing (our favourite is Sainsbury’s revival of Mog the cat!) and the Christmas DIYs start rolling in, it’s the perfect time to start stitching this year’s Dashwood Studio Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar and fill it up with treats for you and the kids.

The panel is part of our Winter Wonderland collection and is available in many of our stockist’s shops now. The instructions for sewing it are printed on the panel:


…but its always helpful to see how other people have made it, with step by step pictures, so we’ve been on the hunt to find you a detailed DIY. Fortunately, the ladies at Poppies and Polka Dots have a brilliant one on their blog which you can follow.


They’ve edged it with a navy polka dot bias binding to match the panel, but you can make your own using the navy flurry which co-ordinates really nicely with the collection:

FLUR 2000 navy

FLUR 2000 – navy

They also made some looped tabs to run a pole through so you can hang the calendar up, which is a great idea!

Head over to the Poppies and Polka Dots blog to get the full tutorial and pictures.


If you want a hand with stitching your calendar, check out our shops and stockists on the sidebar, because some are running workshops where you can go and make the calendar with sewing assistance.

We want to know in the comments below, what would you fill your calendar with? 

Dashwood Makes: Christmas Dreams & Winter Wonderland

Can we official talk about Christmas yet? With 56 sleeps to go and our festive collections Christmas Dreams & Winter Wonderland out in the shops we think we can!

(And by the looks of all the Dashwood makes being sent to us, a lot of crafters out there are ready to start thinking about Christmas crafting too)

So lets kick off the holiday countdown by sharing some of the things people have been making with Christmas Dreams and Winter Wonderland already. We hope that these brilliant makes will inspire you to get sewing your own wintery makes:

Christmas Envelopes for Santa (Fabric Christmas Tree Decorations)

Christmas Wish Envelopes

Jo Carter has shunned all other projects in favour of sewing these really fun fabric Christmas tree decorations. They’re envelopes addressed to Santa that your children can put their Christmas wish list in and hang on the tree. Jo used the Winter Wonderland collection to line these little beauties and we think they’re the perfect gift for the kids (and big kids) in your life.

Jo’s creations were featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine if you want even more close ups and tips to make these.

 Christmas Wish Advent Calendar

Our Winter Wonderland fabric collection comes with an advent calendar panel, ready for you to cut and sew into your own fabric advent calendar. It’s a fun and fairly quick project and can be rolled out every year! Here’s some of the pics people have shared of their calendars:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.54.39

Jo Sews Handmade shared a photo of her getting ready to make the advent calendar this weekend on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.55.08

Myla Fabric shared their finished calendar (above) ready for goodies and treats to be added!

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.54.52

Stitch Studio UK also shared the final creation with us – we think it looks fab all made up and ready to be hung in the heart of a home.

Christmas Quilted Cushions

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 14.40.25

We loved this Winter Wonderland quilted Dresden Plate panel cushion by Vintage Cherry on Instagram. It’s a nice way to add a quilt element without having to go the full hog and sew a big quilt. We also love that she added the matching flurry to compliment the patterns!

Christmas Dreams Children’s Dress

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 14.42.39

Lily and Giraffe have sewn some wonderful Christmas children’s clothes with our festive collections, but this particular girl’s dress in Christmas Dreams really stood out for us. Head over to their Instagram to see more of their makes.

Christmas Wish Bow Ties

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 14.45.51

Tien + Miep make lots of items for their Etsy shop and we spotted these bow ties made with our  previous Christmas Wish collection. Although not strictly our current festive fabric, some of the patterns are still available and we think it’s such a fun idea for adults and children, or even your pet who needs a little nod to the Christmas cheer in their outfit!

Christmas Stockings!

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 14.49.40

Who doesn’t love a stocking hanging over the fireplace ready for goodies and little surprises on Christmas day? Especially when they’re pink trimmed with your name embroidered on! These cute stockings were made by Sarah of One Stitch Over The Rainbow and use our Christmas Dreams collection.

Festive Dress

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 14.49.34

Little & Loud used the owl print from our Winter Wonderland collection to make this gorgeous dress  – the perfect outfit for Christmas day teamed with bright woollen tights!

Festive Quilting 

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 14.49.21

For the quilters amongst you, we urge you to go check out Ellison Lane on Instagram, who’s documented the make of her Christmas Dreams quilt – including close ups of each block, like this 18″ centre piece.

Christmas Stamp Bunting

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 14.49.27

If you’re tired of tinsel and are looking some alternative Christmas decorations we recommend giving this postage stamp bunting a go. Made by Jo Carter, it uses our Christmas Dreams collection and is a great way to use up small scraps and leftovers.

Over to you!

What are you planning to make for the Christmas season with our festive collections? Share links to your photos and projects in the comments, we’d love to see (and feature!) them!

6 Cosy DIYs To Get You Into The Autumn Spirit

Here in the UK the night’s are drawing in, the clocks have gone back and it’s getting chillier by the day. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were wearing tshirts and shorts and firing up the BBQ…

Whilst you mourn the end of summer and ease yourself into autumn, we encourage throwing yourself into some cosy DIYs and craft projects.

Here’s 6 of our favourites with the latest Dashwood prints we think will work a treat:

1. DIY Draft Stopper

DIY draft stopper

This is the perfect DIY if you’ve got a drafty doorway or two and want to keep the heat in whilst still being able to open the door. Making a double draft stopper which covers either side of your doorway is more efficient and moves with the doorway.

This draft stopper was made by Christine over at Cortlandt Place and she has a great tutorial you can follow to make your own.

As for fabric, we recommend our Twist in Royal Blue:

TWIS 1155 - royal

TWIS 1155 – royal

2. Homemade Hand Warmers


Off on a blustery walk or want to keep the kids hands warm on their way to school? These cute re-heatable hand warmers are a really quick and easy make. This tutorial by Rae over at Rae Ann Kelly shows you exactly how to make your own hand warmers.

We recommend one of our Christmas Dreams  prints, especially if you plan on making them as stocking fillers for Christmas presents:

CHDR 1112

CHDR 1112 – starry lights

CHDR 1109

CHDR 1109 – oh christmas tree

CHDR 1113

CHDR 1113 – falling snow

christmas village CHDR 1108

3. Slouchy Slippers


We spotted this cosy DIY on Pinterest, sewn by Sewing Daisies in Australia. They’re loose fit slouchy slippers that are super quick and easy to make – just follow this tutorial.

We recommend the flower bees and summer forest prints from our Nature Trail collection to carry you through autumn, winter and into spring:

NATR 1134 - flowers bees

NATR 1134 – flowers bees

NATR 1130 - summer forest

NATR 1130 – summer forest

4. Firewood Tote


If you have a woodburner or open fire, this wood tote is a great DIY to help you be more cosy (yes, we acknowledge in a round about way!). You can get Laura Wilson’s tutorial here.

We recommend a durable fabric backing and one of our Winter Wonderland prints:

WLND 1115

WLND 1115

WLND 1116

WLND 1116

5. DIY Duvet Cover


Duvet covers, although quite easy to make do require a lot of fabric – but they’re the perfect and quick DIY for a cosy night under the sheets with a good book. This tutorial by Corey on Hey There Home gives you a great step by step guide.

We recommend our Secret Garden bunny print if it’s a children’s bed, or our cute hedgehog and border print from our Nature Trail collection for a whimsical (but a bit more grown-up) vibe

SGND 1123

SGND 1123 – bunny

NATR 1133 - hedgehogs

NATR 1133 – hedgehogs

NATR 1131 - border detail

NATR 1131 – border detail

 6. Mug Cosy


Finally we think this DIY fabric mug cosy will be ideal make for keeping your cups of tea, hot chocolate and steaming coffee hot when the weather really makes a turn for the worst! This tutorial by Kristyn at Lilluna is cute and would go well with our gold and blue Bloom repeats.

BLOO 1144. blue

BLOO 1144 blue

BLOO 1144. gold

BLOO 1144 gold

What cosy DIYs do you have planned or are currently making? We’d love to see WIP and finished projects in the comments!



Dashwood Designer: Jilly P

It’s always exciting when a new collection leaves the studio and goes into production, especially when we’ve had such an overwhelming response to the sneak peaks we’ve been sharing on Instagram and Facebook. Our upcoming Mori Girls collection is one such collection which has captured the hearts of our fabric loving fans.

Mori Girls

Mori Girls is the debut collection from illustrator Jillian Phillips. Inspired by her love of Yoyogi Park in Tokyo and featuring her little dachshund Bertie, there are a mix of florals, conversationals and sweet repeats.

Jilly P Mori Girls

This week on the blog, we’re chatting with Mori Girls designer Jilly P and discovering how the collection came to life, her influences and a behind – the – scenes of creating it:

How did you start working with Dashwood?

Dashwood Studio got in touch last year after seeing my website and work online. I had been looking for a fabric company to work with for a while so I was delighted to be offered the chance to collaborate on a collection!

Mori Girls Dashwood Studio

What patterns or ideas in mind already before starting the process?

I had a vast collection of prints which I getting ready to show my clients, so I passed these on to David (our creative director) to see if there was anything he liked as a starting point. He chose a girl print which had other elements like trees, cats, dogs and flowers, and it just flowed from there really.

Bertie Jilly P Mori Girls

What was the inspiration for the collection?

I love to draw inspiration from my annual trip to Japan, and also from my own little dog Bertie. I tend to draw a lot of girl characters and florals when I doodle, definitely my favourite subject.

MORI 1147

MORI 1147

Do you have a design process you follow?

I spend some time doodling and playing around with very rough ideas. Then I move on to working on the computer, adding textures and detail where I think it’s needed. It can take about 2-3 hours to get the characters right, but some designs take a bit longer. This year is the first time in ages I’ve started using sketchbooks as a way of storing ideas. They are a lovely record of all the great things that I see and can spark an idea month’s after drawing/finding them.

MORI 1149

MORI 1149

Where do you design?

I work from home in my spare room, it’s a tiny room, I’d love to have a big studio space one day, but for now it’s the spare room for me.

MORI 1148

MORI 1148

Do you have company whilst working?

Bertie sits close by each day, we have 6music on the radio.

MORI 1151

MORI 1151

What’s a typical working day like for you?

I start work between 8 and 8.45am, depending on when I’ve come back from the morning dog walk. I have to have a cup of tea while I sit and read emails, then it’s a case of starting the first design job for the day. I try not to work too many late nights these days- I used to do 12 hour days but I don’t like doing that anymore if I can help it. If I do work late these days, I’m usually doing something like sketching ideas for new prints- away from the computer!

MORI 1146

MORI 1146

What would you like to see made with the fabric?

Childrens’ quilts, bedding and little dresses.

Will you be making anything?

I’m going to attempt(!) to make some dresses and bedding for samples to show clients… My sewing skills are a bit rusty!

MORI 1152

MORI 1152

What are you working on next?

I’m just about to start on a spring summer range for Dashwood, so I’m really looking forward to that. It’s always fun.

MORI 1150

MORI 1150

Quick Fire Questions

Who or what inspires you?

I love beautiful photography, Japanese craft and design books and scandinavian home ware.

What blogs do you love?

Fine little day and Hello Sandwich

What’s your favourite instagram account?

Too many to choose from! But check out emilymisabella, mirdinara, aikofukawa, choidecoco

Which print from Mori Girls is your fave?

Has to be the bertie print – the sausage dogs!

Tea or coffee?

TEA, all day long :)

Favourite afternoon snack?

ooh, on special occasions a chocolate biscuit is perfect.


Jilly’s website:

Find Jilly on Instagram:

New Collections Sneak Peak: Twist, Mori Girls & Cotton Candy

If you follow us on Instagram you’ve likely seen a few sneaky peaks of some of our upcoming collections. But in case you haven’t (or you just want to see them again because they’re just so tempting) then we’re giving you a sneaky peak of 3 collections hitting our stockist’s stores very very soon.


First up, we have a new co-ordinate collection called Twist, to compliment the other collections and to support your sewing projects. Flurry has been the staple co-ordinate for Dashwood fans since we launched over two years ago, so it seemed about time to bring another pattern into the mix.

Twist Dashwood Studio

Twist Strike Offs In From The Mill

Currently available in 6 fresh colours, Twist will be with our stockists in the next month or so, ready for you to add to your (every growing…) stash! View the full collection here.


Jilly P has been busy designing a really cute Dashwood collection called Mori Girls, inspired by a Japanese cultural style of ‘forest girls’. This collection features whimsical Mori girls, cute dogs and florals in a modern Eastern style.

Mori Girls Dashwood Studio

Mori Girls Strike Offs

Mori Girls Dashwood Studio

Mori Girls Collection Sheets

Mori Girls Dogs Dashwood Studio

Mori Girls Dog Print

Mori Girls is on the website now for you to look at, and we’ll be interviewing Jilly P very soon on the blog. It’s due to be stocked later in Autumn, so keep your eyes peeled for exact dates soon!


This is a super sneak peak of Cotton Candy, the latest Dashwood Studio collection by Susan Driscoll. It’s not even up on the website or back from the mill with strike offs, but we know just how much you guys LOVE geometric prints, so we couldn’t resist giving you a taste of this collection coming this winter.

Cotton Candy Dashwood Studio

Cotton Candy Collection Sheets

Cotton Candy Dashwood Studio

Cotton Candy Collection Sheets matched to our Twist co-ordinates

Which collection are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!