It’s all a Bloom during our Nature Trail in our Secret Garden…

We’ve clearly got a thing for flora and fauna at Dashwood, as have you because you’re loving our nature inspired collections and snapping them up before we’ve barely time to get the shipments into the studio and out to our stockists!

And so we’ve been gathering some amazing examples of how to to use three of our latest collections Bloom, Secret Garden and Nature Trail to inspire you. Not that you need any more excuse to get your hands on the latest collections!

First up… Bloom!

Bloom Dashwood Studio

Mini quilt by @joanne333jones on Instagram

Bloom Dashwood Studio by Nikki @theochiltree on Instagram

Bloom zippy purse with linen panel

Bloom Dashwood Studio

Bloom quilted cushion

The Very Secret Garden

Secret Garden Dashwood Studio

Use this handy guide to match our Secret Garden prints to our Flurry colours!

Secret Garden Dashwood Studio

A few more of the wonderful props made for our Open weekend . Tipi Tots, Helen May @madebyhrm and Bree Lucas.

Purse by Emily @LoveStrawBerryPatch on Instagram

Purse by Emily @LoveStrawBerryPatch on Instagram


Secret Garden Dashwood Studio

Secret Garden quilt by Emily @lovestrawberrypatch made for our open day!

Our Secret Garden tepee went down a storm at our open day!

Our Secret Garden tepee went down a storm at our open day!

And finally, a little Nature Trail

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.19.46

Gorgeous Nature Trail dress by Kelly @jackandmeganuk on Instagram

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.27.03

Embroidered deer detail by @robotmomsews on Instagram

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.29.19

Crochet detail dress by @luluferris on Instagram

Another pretty dress using Nature Trail, this time by on Instagram

Another pretty dress using Nature Trail, this time by on Instagram


Have you used any of our fabrics in a recent make? Tag us @dashwoodstudio on Instagram so we can see, repost and feature you on the blog

Made With Dashwood – August Round Up

August is a quiet month here at Dashwood Studio, as we take our summer holidays and get ourselves ready for the autumn, new collections and shows.

But, the makers, stockists and sewists who love our fabric have not been resting. Oh no! You’ve been crafting and stitching up some beautiful items over the last few weeks.

Most notably using our new collection Nature Trail by Bethan Janine. It’s always a special moment seeing the fabric turned into a beautiful piece of clothing or product – its the fabric coming to life!

So without further ado, here’s the latest Made with Dashwood round up:

lulu ferris nature trail dress and pants

Girl’s Dress and Shorts using Nature Trail’s Border Print by Lulu Ferris

heidi's den nature trail cushion Scatter cushion using bunnies and summer forest prints from Nature Trail by Heidi’s Den

sarah hedgar hexies

Fussy cut hexies using Nature Trail by Sarah Hedgar at Pretty Fabrics and Trims (we can’t wait to see the full quilt!)

  Lily and Giraffe Dress

Lily and Giraffee Nature Trail Skirt Nature Trail Girl’s Dress with button detail and matching skirt by Lily and Giraffe

rachel jarvis nature trail quilt

Nature Trail Handstitched Baby Quilt by Rachel Jarvis

Flurry Quilt Colourful Flurry Quilt by Sarah Lou Sews

curlupepz dress

curlypez dress

These two gorgeous girl’s dresses were made using the Secret Garden collection and made by Curlypepz

Cuckoos Calling Quilt

This bright and colourful Cuckoo’s Calling quilt was made by Robot Mom Sews

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.07.24

Making jam and preserves this summer? Make covers using Flurry and Petite Street like Stevie Textiles!

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.09.49

Poolside tote using our September Blue collection by Paula Spranger

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.09.35

It may be a few months away but it’s great seeing our Winter Wonderland advent panel made up! Thanks Poppies and Polka Dots

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.09.07

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.09.14

More Christmas makes! This time a Christmas placemat and tree skirt using both Christmas Wish and Christmas Dreams, by Jo Avery at My Bear Paw

If you’ve been making with Dashwood Studio fabric and want to be featured in a Made With Dashwood round up, please tag @dashwoodstudio in your Instagram pics or share them on our Facebook page!

DIY Street Life Washbags

We’ve been fans of The Crimson Rabbit for a while now. Debbie is an artisan and blogger with a penchant for yarn and fabric and we knew she’d be the perfect candidate to turn our Street Life collection into something practical but beautiful.

And she delivered! Just take a look at these beautiful Street Life Washbags!

street life washbags


Cars-bag-inside-940x627 Park-bag-inside-pocket-940x627

Aren’t they great?! We love how roomy they are and the way she’s contrasted the patterns and the zip colours – and when you open them up you get a sneak peak at another print!

If you want to learn how to make these washbags for yourself, head over to Debbie’s blog for a full and detailed tutorial (another thing we love about Debbie, she breaks down all her DIYs into super clear steps with loads of pictures!).

Once you’ve made them, all you have to think about it is what will you put in them?

Dashwood Designer: Rachel Cave on her collection Bloom

On the blog today, we’re talking to Rachel Cave – the designer of our latest collection ‘Bloom’ which features a myriad of graphic flowers in contemporary muted colours. Whether you like your florals in straight lines or scattered, there’s a piece of nature for everyone in this collection and we’re excited for Rachel to share a little sneak peak into the process of creating it:

Rachel Cave

How did working with Dashwood Studio come about?

I had spotted fellow designs had ranges produced and so I contacted Dashwood as I was after having my own range produced. Luckily David was aware of my work and it was great collaboration!

Bloom Fabric Collection Rachel Cave

Did you have the collection designed already or did you create it for Dashwood from scratch?

I designed the collection from scratch exclusively for Dashwood after sending some ideas through that I had.


BLOO 1140

What inspired the collection?

 A floral theme, influenced by Scandinavian prints.

Where do you start with designing and how does it grow and develop?

I start off with drawing floral elements that I want to include and it grows from there. It’s quite an organic process. When designing a collection I try and create them all together so that they all sit well and there’s enough variation within the collection. Then I pull out my favourite ones and get them looking just right.

BLOO 1138

BLOO 1138

Were there any challenges or moments of pure joy whilst designing Bloom?

Getting the right balance of prints can be tricky, but I found this collection came really easy and flowed from the moment I started creating it. Deciding on colours can sometimes take a while, but I had my ideas from the start and It only needed a few tweeks to get it looking right.

BLOO 1139

BLOO 1139

Where do you design? Do you have your own office/studio space? What’s it like?

I design from my desk in my living room. It looks out the window into the garden so perfect for plant inspiration. It’s quite tidy as I need a clear head when designing!

Do you have company whilst working?

My husband also works from home so there’s always someone popping in and out. Plus there’s my house rabbit Alfie who sits at my feet most days.

BLOO 1143

BLOO 1143

What’s a typical working day look like for you?

Depending on my work schedule a typical day I’ll be at my desk by 10, and work through till the evening. Some briefs can be quite tight so I’ll be very busy. But other days the work calms down and I can get out the house and head to the beach, the joy of being freelance!

BLOO 1141

BLOO 1141

How did you get into design? Did you have specific training?

I studied Fashion/ Textiles at Wiltshire College and went on to do a Degree in Surface Design at London College of Communication. A great course, that was mainly screen printing, but it helped me gain the skills to design full time once I left.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?

The key for me has always been a great website that really showcases your best work.

BLOO 1144. blue

BLOO 1144 blue

What would you like to see made with your fabric?

Kids clothes, cushions, toys..the list is endless.

Do you sew? If so, will you be making anything using the collection? 

Even though I sewed alot during my college course, I was never that good and have since sold my sewing machine. I’ll leave it to the professionals!

BLOO 1142

BLOO 1142

What are you working on now? What’s coming up project-wise for you?

I’ve got a few briefs in the pipe line creating food packaging, a really exciting venture that I’m getting involved with more and more. As well as creating patterns for my agent who sells internationally.

BLOO 1144. gold

BLOO 1144 gold

If you could design another collection for Dashwood, what would it be like?

I’d love to create another collection, maybe a geometric to balance out all the florals.

Bloom hits the shops later this summer. You can check out the full Bloom collection here, and head on over to Rachel’s website to nosey at her beautiful portfolio.