Interview: Núria González of Zález

Last week we shared a fantastic drawstring bag DIY tutorial by Núria González of Zález in Spain and promised to feature an interview with the owner herself, so you could find out more about her and how she set up her business!

Her business has just turned ‘4’ so what better way to help her celebrate!

Nuria Gonzalez Zalez

Hi Nuria, thanks so much for agreeing to answer some questions for us! Let’s start with your business Zález. When did you start it and why?

I studied fashion design in Barcelona. I always liked to draw and make different types of crafts, as I’m good working with my hands. 10 years ago I moved to Seville and began creating small textile accessories. And eight years ago I created the Zález brand, which eventually evolved to today where I have my own store and shop in the centre of Seville. Currently I also sell my designs online through the website.

Nuria Gonzalez Zalez

What do you sell?

In my shop I sell bags, backpacks and small textile accessories in which I make the design and sew. I also sell Japanese fabrics and of course the beautiful Dashwood Studio fabrics so that each client can make their own designs. I offer to my clients the option to customize the bags, so they can choose themselves fabrics they like and make small changes that will best suit their preferences.

Nuria Gonzalez Zalez

Have you always loved fabric and sewing?

As a child I always dressed up and made my own dresses in pieces of cloth. I loved to combine fabrics, colors, etc. Currently I feel the same with different fabrics with which I work. I enjoy looking for great original combinations between different patterns. Japanese fabrics, Dashwood Studio fabrics, etc., are a source of constant inspiration.

So what else inspires you and helps you get into the creative mood?

I love illustration, furniture design, whether modern or ancient, and the same happens with the architecture. I think I absorb many ideas of shapes and silhouettes of all these elements. A very important part of my designs are the needs that I convey my clients. I talk every day with them as it is so important, all both positive and negative reviews must be taken into account when choosing materials and shapes to create a new accessory.

Nuria Gonzalez Zalez

Who are your favourite makers/designers/crafters?

I like many designers and crafters! I love jewelry of Manitas de Plata, Fauna y Flora and Laliblue that I sell in my store. Creativity in creating of Moniquilla prints, Todo Muta designs, Lady Desidia, and many others.

Nuria Gonzalez Zalez

There seems to be a rise of Spanish crafters and shops, have you noticed this and why do you think that is?

I think that the economic crisis affecting Spain in recent years has made many people have to create their own business. People become more creative, looking for other ways to enjoy their free time, either by sewing, painting, crocheting, and other crafts. All this coupled with a wealth of information on the Internet such as tutorials, beautiful photographs and easy to get any material. It is a constant source of inspiration and motivation that makes people create their own blogs, websites, etc., to show their work.

Nuria Gonzalez Zalez

What’s a typical day at Zález like?

A typical day in Zález begins in the workshop, which is integrated into the store. I start to sew custom orders for clients, and then sew bags and backpacks for my own shop. As the morning progresses clients start coming and I attend and advise them myself. Every six months I design the new collection. I manage myself all social networks (Facebook, Instagram, blog and website). And also the administrative side as well, so never stop!

Thanks Núria, it’s wonderful to get an insight into your business and your love of fabrics and craft!

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Thursday Thank Yous

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to our first Dashwood Studio collection Enchanted Forest. The feedback from our stockists is that the fabric is selling well and customers like the quality and range of patterns within the collection.

We’ve also had some lovely coverage online, on blogs and websites, some of which we wanted to share today as way of saying thank you:


 Print & Pattern Blog

“This is a fabulous collection of stylised trees, cute hedgehogs, and graphic flowers all in a sophisticated colour palette.”

buttonup Button Up & Stitch

“…a new UK based textile design company, based in the UK, yes, that’s right, UK BASED! Very exciting. And it’s a double winner that the first collection is absolutely gorgeous!”

hulu Hulu Crafts

“Although these fabrics have only been on our shelves for a few weeks it is proving to be a real customer favourite and my rotary cutter has been frantically spinning to keep up with the demand!”

bramble Bramble Patch

“Despite the subject of the designs, the range is anything but twee; with its sophisticated palette of mauve, pale grey, purple, teal and lime and its distinctly graphic style, it’s definitely not your usual woodland print.”

fabric HQ Fabric HQ

“[Dashwood Studio are] showing us and the rest of the world that we can produce beautiful, contemporary fabric right here in the UK… and why not?”

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us and Phyllida’s beautiful collection – it keeps motivating us with our next collections which we can’t wait to share with you very soon!