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6 Cosy DIYs To Get You Into The Autumn Spirit

Here in the UK the night’s are drawing in, the clocks have gone back and it’s getting chillier by the day. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were wearing tshirts and shorts and firing up the BBQ…

Whilst you mourn the end of summer and ease yourself into autumn, we encourage throwing yourself into some cosy DIYs and craft projects.

Here’s 6 of our favourites with the latest Dashwood prints we think will work a treat:

1. DIY Draft Stopper

DIY draft stopper

This is the perfect DIY if you’ve got a drafty doorway or two and want to keep the heat in whilst still being able to open the door. Making a double draft stopper which covers either side of your doorway is more efficient and moves with the doorway.

This draft stopper was made by Christine over at Cortlandt Place and she has a great tutorial you can follow to make your own.

As for fabric, we recommend our Twist in Royal Blue:

TWIS 1155 - royal

TWIS 1155 – royal

2. Homemade Hand Warmers


Off on a blustery walk or want to keep the kids hands warm on their way to school? These cute re-heatable hand warmers are a really quick and easy make. This tutorial by Rae over at Rae Ann Kelly shows you exactly how to make your own hand warmers.

We recommend one of our Christmas Dreams  prints, especially if you plan on making them as stocking fillers for Christmas presents:

CHDR 1112

CHDR 1112 – starry lights

CHDR 1109

CHDR 1109 – oh christmas tree

CHDR 1113

CHDR 1113 – falling snow

christmas village CHDR 1108

3. Slouchy Slippers


We spotted this cosy DIY on Pinterest, sewn by Sewing Daisies in Australia. They’re loose fit slouchy slippers that are super quick and easy to make – just follow this tutorial.

We recommend the flower bees and summer forest prints from our Nature Trail collection to carry you through autumn, winter and into spring:

NATR 1134 - flowers bees

NATR 1134 – flowers bees

NATR 1130 - summer forest

NATR 1130 – summer forest

4. Firewood Tote


If you have a woodburner or open fire, this wood tote is a great DIY to help you be more cosy (yes, we acknowledge in a round about way!). You can get Laura Wilson’s tutorial here.

We recommend a durable fabric backing and one of our Winter Wonderland prints:

WLND 1115

WLND 1115

WLND 1116

WLND 1116

5. DIY Duvet Cover


Duvet covers, although quite easy to make do require a lot of fabric – but they’re the perfect and quick DIY for a cosy night under the sheets with a good book. This tutorial by Corey on Hey There Home gives you a great step by step guide.

We recommend our Secret Garden bunny print if it’s a children’s bed, or our cute hedgehog and border print from our Nature Trail collection for a whimsical (but a bit more grown-up) vibe

SGND 1123

SGND 1123 – bunny

NATR 1133 - hedgehogs

NATR 1133 – hedgehogs

NATR 1131 - border detail

NATR 1131 – border detail

 6. Mug Cosy


Finally we think this DIY fabric mug cosy will be ideal make for keeping your cups of tea, hot chocolate and steaming coffee hot when the weather really makes a turn for the worst! This tutorial by Kristyn at Lilluna is cute and would go well with our gold and blue Bloom repeats.

BLOO 1144. blue

BLOO 1144 blue

BLOO 1144. gold

BLOO 1144 gold

What cosy DIYs do you have planned or are currently making? We’d love to see WIP and finished projects in the comments!



Rain or Shine Deckchair DIY

When we launched our Rain or Shine collection we asked our Facebook fans to tell us what they’d like to make with the fabric in our ‘What Would You Make?’ contest.

The winners of this round was Carol who owns her own sewing and craft shop in Penarth – Sew Lovely. Carol wanted to turn the sunshine and rainbows prints into a fun summery deckchair and with summer upon us, we couldn’t think of a better make!

And, when the photos of the finished deckchair landed in our inbox, we were thrilled to see what a simple and effective make this is.

Deckchair Overview

Carol also used some of the laminate umbrella fabric to make a handsome raincoat for her dog Lucy. Such a great idea if you’ve a pooch that likes to take walks in the rain!

Now, back to the deckchair. Carol has shared photos of each stage of making the cover. You’ll need a deckchair with a plain sling to start with, and Carol suggests you use the sling as your template (as everyone’s deckchairs will be different sizes).

Here’s Carol’s Visual DIY guide to making this cute deckchair:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 8

You can find Carol over at www.sewlovelypenarth.com or on Facebook and Twitter.


DIY Sewing Tutorial: Suffolk Garden Pyjamas by Lulú Ferris

Today on the blog we have a guest tutorial by the winner of our WWYM Suffolk Garden shout it – Laura from crafty Spanish shop Lulú Ferris. Laura made these beautiful Suffolk Garden Pyjamas and she’s sharing the tutorial so you can make a pair too!


To make these pyjama pants you will need:

– Around 1.5m of the Dandelions fabric
– A stripe of coordinating fabric like the Daisy Spot
– 3 cm width of elastic band
– Paper
– And a pair of pyjama pants that fit you already! :)


Step One

1. First of all, copy the pattern of your pyjamas on the paper. You have to lay down the pyjamas and trace a line around it. Remember to do both sides: front and back. Don´t trace the waist as we are doing it with a different fabric. Once you’ve done it you have to give 1 cm seam allowance and you can start cutting it.


Step Two

2. Then, fold the fabric and copy both patterns onto it. Remember to check the direction of your fabric pattern and follow it when drawing. You can then cut the fabric.


Step Three – A

3. Once the fabric is cut, place one front and one back leg right sides together. Pin them and sew along the outside edge. Use a serger to finish it, or a zigzag stitch if you don’t have one. Do the same for the other leg. Sew just the outside part, not the curve.


Step Three – B

4. When both legs are done, turn one inside out and slip it inside the other so the “v” lines up together. Pin it and sew along. Use a serger to finish it, or a zigzag stitch if you don’t have one.

We’re getting there, they already look like pants!

Step Four

Step Four – A


Step Four – B

Step Four - C

Step Four – C

5. Now comes the waist! Let’s take the pants and measure the lenght of the waist. Give 1 extra cm to each side so when you sew it together you don’t lose any centimeter. The width of the band is up to you. We’ve done 12 cm + 2cm allowance (1 cm each side). Fold the band in half and iron it, get the band inside the waist of the pants, and pin it all around matching seams together (if there’s more than one). Sew all around the waist leaving a 4cm gap at the back or front so when it’s sewn we can get the elastic band in.


Step Five – A


Step Five – B


Step Five – C


Step Five – D

6. Let’s get the elastic band inside the waist. Cut the elastic at the total length of your waist, use a safety pin to help you slide it in. Try the pants and adjust the elastic to your wish. Bear in mind that you will loose a centimeter or two when sewing it, it would usually be a quarter of the total. Sew the elastic, one side top of the other.

7. Close the waist sewing the opening, and then use the serger or zig zag stitch to finish the inside.

We’re almost there! Just the turn-ups are missing! Iron them at the length you need, probably the 1cm we added will be okay and sew them.


Step Seven


You are finished!


What about matching a nice t-shirt with just adding cuffs on the sleeves? You can do it like the waist with or without elastic!


About Lulú Ferris:

Hi! I’m Laura from Lulú Ferris – a crafty shop that I opened almost 3 years ago in a town near Barcelona. I’m so happy I did as I really enjoy my job.

In Lulú we sell fabrics, yarns and basic crafty supplies. We also teach people how to sew, knit, as well as how to make patterns and other crafts. Each workshop has a specialist teacher (I wish I knew how to do everything!)

We also do custom orders, mostly for babies. Speaking of which I have two! Yep two little boys that I adore!

We never stop in here, ah! I almost forgot, we do have a Youtube Channel where we teach little and easy sewing tutorials, in Spanish :)

I hope you enjoy our tutorial and look forward to seeing your own Dashwood PJs!

Laura x

Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

Prairie & Christmas Wish: Made With Dashwood Round Up

One of the most exciting things about launching a new collection is seeing what people make with the fabric once it hits the shops. We’ve recently launched our Prairie Collection and also our Christmas Wish collection (yes, we know its early but you have to plan ahead for the Christmas season!) so have some great makes to share with you today:

Patchwork-Sewing-Machine-Cover - The Homemakery

The Homemakery have created a great DIY tutorial for this patchwork sewing machine cover they made using our Prairie collection. We like the contrast with the grey fabric and the little hints of pink used in the trim and bias binding. Get the tutorial on The Homemakery blog.

Prairie Flowers Dress - A pocketfull of Alice

Bree from A Pocketful of Alice, a fabric shop in Wiltshire, makes beautiful simple dresses for little girls and has already showed us her talents creating dresses with our previous collections. This time she’s taken the blue flower print from the Prairie collection and made a simple summery dress. Check out her Facebook page for more simple makes.

Rebecca Stoner Prairie Dress

Rebecca Stoner, the designer of our Prairie collection has also been excited to see what people are making with her fabric, and has even reached for the sewing machine herself! Here is another cute little girls dress to inspire you. Don’t you just love the frilly sleeves? You can take a look at Rebecca’s dress and another one she made using a different print from the collection on her blog.

Reindeer Garland Christmas Wish Haggiz

This make is one to bookmark for when you get closer to Christmas and want to decorate your house with something a bit different. The reindeer garland made with our Christmas Wish collection is by Julie at Haggiz. You can check out her other garlands and details of how to purchase them over on her Facebook page.

Flurry Quilt by Butterfly Bright

Our Flurry collection has been out for a while now so it was a nice surprise to see this children’s mini alphabet quilt, made by Butterfly Bright pop up on our Pinterest feed. Butterfly Bright are a crafty duo – Ali and Caroline – and you can find out more about their shop and workshops over on their blog.

Prairie Fabric Letters

We’ve been getting crafty to! Jen, who writes the blog (that’s me!) turned the Prairie collection into some fabric letters for the studio and at upcoming shows and fairs Dashwood are exhibiting at. We hope to get a better piccie of them for you soon!

Have you made something with our fabric collections and want to be featured on the blog? Ping us an email at info@dashwoodstudio.com.